Humanising sales emails with video content


Personalised video emails

This software has allowed us to humanise our emails, connect with our teams & customers, as well as drive engagement through personalised video content.

Vidyard offers a variety of services that we, at Pixel Lab, use to good effect. From personalised videos, to Vidyard for marketing – it is an all-encompassing video marketing platform that we highly recommend.

Vidyard go video

Vidyard GoVideo enables you to record and send videos for free.

You can share your videos through email or social media and you will be notified when somebody views it.

At Pixel Lab, we use this tool as a way of personalising our emails, we can share our screen, use the webcam and choose whether our video has sound or not. We find it ideal for sending quick how-to’s and demonstrations as well as using it to talk through proposals or strategies we send to our clients. We find that it gives an extra personalised touch that our customers appreciate.

You can track who views your video and how much of it they watched, providing great analytics for studying consumer behaviour through video marketing.

Vidyard go

Vidyard for marketing

Vidyard can also be used to host your videos and analyse their effectiveness. It allows you to engage, qualify and convert your prospects by creating impactful videos with personalised CTAs and messaging.

Vidyard’s marketing services allows you to split test your content, so you can assess what works best and with which audiences.

You can get reports and analytics on how well your video has performed, with view rates, engagement rates and conversion rates all available.  In addition, you can determine which platforms your video content works best on, meaning that you can optimise your video marketing strategy to ensure maximum engagement.

Since we began using Vidyard, Pixel Lab’s video marketing has gone through the roof. Our customers love the personalised videos and it has created an easy solution for our team all over the world to stay in touch. If you would like to learn how to harness the power of video speak to us today.

vidyard marketing