Sales video bootcamp

Help your team understand the power of video in the sales process with a 4 week Bootcamp. Designed to give your business tangible results.

  • Improve context for conversations
  • Rapid response speed & advanced analytics
  • Massive engagement increase with prospects & customers
  • Increased conversions

For sales teams who need to:

  • Ramp up sales activity to hit quarter-end targets
  • Spend less time out on the road meeting prospects and want to adopt a ‘face-to-face’ remote approach
  • Drive sales activity around a particular campaign, like an event or a new product
  • Re-engage with contacts who have shown interest in the past but have not been ready to buy
  • Create a repeatable campaign-based sales process.

Week one: kick off

Video selling is all about standing out by being authentic and humanising the Sales process.

Choose a campaign subject, like an upcoming event or a new product launch, learn how to use Vidyard and discover how best practice can enhance your video outreach.

Vidyard go

Week 2: Ramping up video outreach

What are the standard sales activities you perform during their day, and where can video fit in.

Are your prospects highly active on LinkedIn? Do you manage to connect on the phone but get ghosted on their follow-ups? Do customers book meetings but suffer from high no-show rates?

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Week 3: extending video

Focusing on mid-cycle conversations will help you and your team maximise conversions in their dayto-day processes.

Consider how teams can use real-time viewing insights from Vidyard, to identify the hottest prospects and opportunities to move conversations along.

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Week 4: results and analysis

Spotlight features like custom CTAs or branded sharing pages from Vidyard for Teams, and other services like video production and content creation to address ongoing challenges.

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Your Investment

Don’t see what you need here? Contact us to discuss your project.

Vidyard teams package required at $300 per month billed annually (3 users included) | all additional users will be charged at $40 per month billed annually