Proposal automation technology



PandaDoc is ideal for creating fully-personalised proposals.

With customisable templates, you can ensure your documents stay on-brand, using styles, themes and branding.

One of the features that makes PandaDoc so revolutionary, is the fact that you can create interactive quotes, automate quote creation and add dynamic pricing tables, so that your customer can choose the best-priced option.

We like to add images and walk-through videos into our proposals to give them an extra personalised touch, that makes them clearer to follow.

PandaDoc sends you a real-time notification when your documents have been opened, when they were last viewed and when they are accepted. This removes obtrusive and time-consuming back and forth negotiating, or follow up emails, to check if a prospect has opened or agreed to a proposal.

Accelerate deals by simplifying the process to generate, negotiate, and eSign professional proposals.

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Close deals

Your teams can collaborate seamlessly on projects. Anyone who has been granted access to the documents can add comments and make revisions while keeping track of every version, so your work is never lost.

eSignatures make signing contracts as easy and painless as it could possibly be for our customers. They can sign on any device, in seconds, which incentivises prospects to sign and helps close the deal.

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Document tracking and integrations

Your documents can be completely personalised. The ability to drag and drop videos, images, testimonials and case studies means you can make your project completely your own.

PandaDoc doesn’t stop there. You can integrate your CRM’s and technologies such as HubSpot, Salesforce and Stripe so that you can pre-populate your documents with customer data and information, without having leave the site.

At Pixel Lab, we love the tracking and reporting features that PandaDoc offers. We can learn exactly how prospects interacted with our documents and proposals, when they opened them and how many times, they viewed it. This advanced reporting allows us to track individual and team performance as well as providing data usage analytics.

If you would like to know more about PandaDoc and how it could streamline your sales process, or any other of the technologies we use at Pixel Lab, speak to us today

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