Social media marketing

How we can help

  • Social media audit 
  • Content ideas & creation  
  • Custom graphics & infographics 
  • Social media advertising 
  • Account management 
  • Social media training 
  • Social listening & research – monitoring social conversations for competitive advantage 
  • Video production 
  • Analytics and reporting 

Social media has transformed the way that we communicate and it’s given rise to a more empowered and informed consumer.

For brands this means that prioritising value-added content and connection over direct response marketing tactics is essential. Savvy marketeers see the importance of building authentic relationships with the people who purchase from them and use social media to their advantage to do just that.

A strong social media presence enables you to foster an emotional connection with your customers by conveying the character and personality of your business with attractive content to drive conversions. High engagement levels transform followers into brand ambassadors.

Content creation

Content creators will post stories specifically adapted for each social channel relevant to your business, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Pixel Lab uses scheduling tools to ensure efficiency and a consistent flow of news, timing posts to coincide with when the majority of your followers are online.

Connected consumers

Today’s connected consumer shows disdain for anything that sounds too promotional or sales focused. On the other hand, an active and vibrate social media presence signals to your consumers that you’re focused on building meaningful connections with them.

Be part of the conversation

Your prospects are conversing about business issues on LinkedIn, personal issues on Facebook and asking questions on Twitter, hoping that someone will reply with answers or recommendations. These natural ‘conversations’ are the seeds of sales opportunities. To be part of these valuable online interactions you need a social media presence and the right tools to capture the leads and turn them into sales.

Drive leads

For social media to be most effective in driving leads it cannot sit in a vacuum; it works best when tightly connected to your website and wider content marketing plan. Once these are all firing together, you’ll see an increase in impressions, post engagements and inquiries, all precursors to leads for your business.

Smart businesses are harnessing the power of social media. Can you afford not to be one of them?

Talk to us about how we can get your business visible on social media.