Technology and analytics that give you a key advantage in your sector


With the right tools, business can thrive

So often we rely on snippets of information and different people to manage the customer relationship. Systems for dealing with this wealth of information tend to seem impossible to use or too generic. Our expertise is with CRM systems that are led by your needs. Easy to operate and use, they bring you meaningful information that you can use to the full. The wealth of tailored content they provide can offer defined results.

The latest technology

Inform your processes with the latest technology and analytics that give you a key advantage in your sector. This is the information you need to allow you to plan and progress your business. Use this vital technology to build your business plan. Our systems use the latest technology to maximise the options available for progress and change. Technology typically supplies complicated data that is difficult to understand and process. Our systems supply data in a format that is easy for you to use. Your sales and marketing teams can be trained to use the system as part of a training package. This will boost their skills as they have all the information to do their job to a high standard. It is right at their fingertips.


Real-time information and tracking

Consider having every piece of information about your customers. To know which emails they have opened and revisited. To see every occasion that they have interacted with your site or marketing. Our system works to track every piece of information it can, with tracking in real-time. You can see up to the moment how that customer is engaging with your teams and systems. This functionality allows you to be fully reactive to their needs and make immediate responses. Equally, you can be proactive in the longer term by understanding customer habits. You can build up a picture of your customers and see how best to respond to them.


Streamline your processes

You might think that such systems create additional administration for your team. However, there is no tricky set-up and the HubSpot CRM is user-friendly. It can remove additional administration and free up precious time. It can link to Outlook or Gmail, with systems for existing frameworks that your team are familiar with. This system increases automation allowing you to create offers and deals with just one click. It joins your sales and marketing teams together, making a single system that works with both. It will support meaningful dialogue between the two teams to maximise sales. It also allows you to identify those customers with the greatest sales potential.

Hubspot crm

Tailored to you

Every aspect of the system can be tailored to your needs and linked to your personal sales process. Everything is captured and blended to your requirements to create the product you need. It allows you to standardise your sales process. Every member of the team working on the same approach at the same time. This fosters a high level of consistency which is a foundation stone of every successful business. It allows you to easily refine your processes and system over time with a build-up of information. Refining your plan keeps it current and fresh. Our CRM system supports you in doing this for the benefit of your business.


Expand your horizons

There are many concerns potential customers have about using a new CRM system. For starters, you might already have an older system. It likely does not meet all your needs and is holding you back. However, it sometimes feels like the ‘devil you know’ is better than trying something new. If you are concerned about implementation of a new system, the primary reason is probably your existing information. Concerns over losing it, could have you tied down. Our system allows you to import your existing system into the new one. You can use this as a foundation to expand your new system without losing your existing information. No need to be tied to something that no longer meets your requirements.

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See the benefits

You can enjoy a high level of functionality within this new system that meets your needs. This allows you to plan and enhance your customer journey. Your sales team will have up-to-the-moment information to act on. This information is in real-time and ready to use. They can create add-ons to your customer journey in a single click for additional sales opportunities. You can even bring along your old system to avoid losing your current information. There are major benefits to our integrated system for your sales teams. For the opportunity to boost sales with added continuity and focus, look no further.

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