20 SEO Myths Leave Behind in 2021

20 SEO Myths Leave Behind in 2021

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Stop wasting time on outdated tactics and methodologies that do not matter.

For decades, marketers have been deploying technical online strategies to ensure that their websites are fully optimised and gaining great visibility with search engines in a bid to stay ahead of their competitors.

This can be a grueling task, leaving marketers around the world facing a constant uphill battle trying to keep up with the dramatic evolution of SEO.

With the world of SEO continually changing, it can be difficult to separate the helpful advice and methodologies from the outdated tactics that really need to be ignored, and will often do more harm than good.

From “SEO doesn’t matter anymore” to “I must submit my site to Google”, Pixel Lab has created a downloadable cheat sheet, debunking 20 of the most common SEO myths that need to be left behind in 2021.